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You could be a healer


He has an amazing zest for life. He never failed to bring smile to his peers with his positive spirit. He walked with eyes of strong faith amidst adversaries thwarting his way. He is John Paul Pane. An STI alumnus who dreamed big,... a man who believed in life's simple glories.

In a twist of faith, a guy who used to be full of life, energetic and cheerful has to stop reaching for his goal. All his dreams are now temporarily in standstill. And it's all because of a kidney ailment that has been testing his faith and heart for months now. But a man that he really is, JP remains to be a 'fighter,' a true blue STIer with strong will to overcome obstacles and make things happen.

The STI Alumni Association learned the unfortunate situation of our dear alumnus through a family friend's letter sent to STIAA Chairman Raoul Espedido. According to Ms Cynthia G. Quicho, JP, a son of a driver and non-working mom, is undergoing regular dialysis treatment and daily medications since July 2003. He was initially subjected to four-treatment session which amounts to more than PhP 100,000.00. And this could be a lifetime process if JP will not be able to continue the therapy at this stage.

For a family with unstable income, JP's kidney problem seemed to be an insurmountable undertaking. But because of love and JP's infectious faith and determination, his parents, together with the support of relatives and friends, were able to pull off enough money to cover the initial dialysis and medications. And this has strengthened JP's faith to live, fight and move on.

JP's parents continue to struggle in sustaining the daily medication needs of their son. But the family is taking one day at a time with high hopes that financial support would come in time from friends, organizations and private individuals. The couple's utmost prayer is for JP to get back to his normal living, experience life's exciting adventures and continue to dream big!

It is still a long journey for JP and his family. But fellow STIers, faculty and alumni could help in making their travel short ... and more meaningful. Your prayers and financial assistance in any amount could ease JP's burden and keep his hopes high of being freed from the kidney ailment.

As one family in STI, let's show JP the 'healing power' of our love.

STIAA is now accepting donations for the benefit of John Paul Pane. You may call 810-8100 / 887-8447 loc. 5760 / 5880 or email