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STIAA goes full-blast in search of distinguished alumni


Do you have what it takes to be this year's STIAA outstanding alumni? Or you know someone worthy of the award? If yes, send in your nominations now as STI Alumni Association formally opens this year's Search for Distinguished Alumni!

This most-awaited search aims to recognize STIers who have made significant contributions and achievements in areas of professional career, alma mater services and socio-civic affairs.

"We are very excited to give out recognitions to STIers who have made outstanding achievements in their professional careers and remarkable contributions in STI and community services. With more than 80,000 STI graduates out there now, we're looking forward to a large pool of talented nominees from which to choose from," said STIAA Chair Maggie Rillera.

The candidates will be judged based on professional achievements (40 points), service to STI (30 points) and involvement in socio civic activities (30 points). The nominee who garnered the total highest points based on these categories will be awarded with the Distinguished STI Alumnus Achievement Award while Distinguished STI Service Awards will be handed to nominees who will earn at least 70 points.

All nominations must be accompanied by supporting documents, summary statements of achievements and certification from the Chief Operating Officer and Academic Head. Nomination forms will be subject for review to determine eligibility.

Winners of the Search will each receive a plaque of recognition and a cash prizes.

The Alumni and Career Services Office will accept nomination forms on or before July 30, 2005. Interested parties may call (02) 810-8100 for inquiries.