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STIAA intensifies campaign on alumni local chapters


STI Alumni Association (STIAA) is steering up linkage to more than 80,000 STI graduates across the country and overseas with its membership cluster formation program. The initiative is expected to reinforce active participation and collaboration from its growing membership base.

STIAA Director Monique Bumatay said that the program is designed to efficiently deliver programs, provide effective communication channel between members and STIAA management, and respond to the real and immediate needs of the alumni. She added that through this program, the Association hopes to sustain both quantitative and qualitative membership within the alumni network.

"As the number of our members increase every year, the Association is confronted with the concern of sustaining active involvement and continuous support of each member. As such, the Association is invigorated more than ever in reaching out to all STI alumni and elevating the quality of our services for them. We believe that by empowering our local chapters with a certain level of freedom in the management of their own circle, the Association will be able to sustain the increasing membership while also establishing a stronger and formidable STIAA network," said Ms. Bumatay.