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Aside from STI Alumni Association Inc.'s (STIAA) social advocacy which inspires the organization to consistently facilitate endeavors that benefit those from the least fortunate sectors of society, the association also initiates efforts for the benefit of its active members. One of its most prominent privileges is the Group Personal Accident Insurance.

A certificate of insurance from Prudential Guarantee Assurance (PGA) is included in STIAA's benefit package detailing the members coverage. Through this, STIAA hopes to reach out and provide aid to alumni who go through misfortunes that endanger their health and/or mortality. All minor and life threatening accidents are covered by the insurance except when the member gets involved in a two-wheel vehicular accident wherein he or she was the one driving, or when the member involved was intoxicated during the incident. Other details and stipulations are specified in the STIAA handbook and website for further reference.

At the end of the day, accident insurance coverage does not give us the license to be careless. In all situations, it is still best to put our well-being on top of our priorities.

For claims, members may coordinate with the Student Development and Placement Services of STI HQ at (02) 812-1784, or email us at