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STIAA Scholar Cooks Up Her Dream Career


As the second to the youngest daughter of a retired military officer and a dedicated homemaker, Carrie Keziah P. Anin had a comfortable childhood. She remembers being well taken care of by her older brothers and sisters, living in a pleasant house inside the camp, and being able to buy almost everything that she desired.

A Twist of Fate

In 2007, Carrie was already a Hotel and Restaurant Services (HRS) freshman at STI College - Global City when something unexpected happened. Her sister was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and the treatment was expensive.

As a family ready to brave the storm together, everyone agreed wholeheartedly to help. For Carrie, this means postponing college for a while to lessen the family expenses. Even though Carrie was conscientious in taking care of her sister, the aspiration of finishing college remained with her.

Seizing the Opportunities

Before the second semester of the same year, STI College - Global City held a Cooking Showdown where the prize would be a full scholarship for any 2-year program. Carrie was eager to win. She wanted to finish college so badly that she sold her cellular phone to be able to buy the ingredients she needed to join the competition. By doing her best, Carrie was declared champion and through the scholarship, she was able to finish her Diploma in HRS in 2009.

Instead of working for multinational hotel chains, Carrie’s dream is to become a professor of Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM). To accomplish this, she would need to complete a 4-year degree program and a master’s degree. She added these to her long-term ambitions in life.

During her graduation, the STI Alumni Association (STIAA) announced that they were accepting applicants for the STIAA Scholarship Grant. In a quest to invest in the growth of promising STI graduates, the STIAA launched the scholarship grant to help qualified alumni and their relatives to continue or pursue any master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, diploma, or certificate program.

Immediately upon receiving her diploma, Carrie did not hesitate to apply for STIAA’s Scholarship Grant. She passed the verbal and written exams and unrelentingly pursued her dream of finishing a 4-year degree program in HRM.

Carrie received a full scholarship until her graduation in 2011. To familiarize herself with the workings of the student environment, Carrie started to work as an Associate Registrar at STI College - Global City a few months after her graduation. Because of her great potential, she was later assigned to the school’s Communication Department where she is currently working as an Admission Officer. Today, Carrie still aims to pursue a master’s degree which would enable her to become an HRM professor. And when the day comes, she would like to teach in STI College - Global City as a way to give back to her alma mater.

Carrie shares during the interview, “The bond of our family is unbreakable and our faith in God is strong. My sister is now doing well and is also already working. We have surpassed the storm and I appreciate that STI, through the scholarships I received from STI College - Global City and the STIAA, played a big part on helping us and making my dreams come true.”