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STI Alumni Association BOT Election 2014


During the special meetings on April 8 and May 16, 2014, the STI Alumni Association (STIAA) held an election for the two (2) Board of Trustees (BOT) positions and identified the officers among themselves.

The STIAA BOT consists of five (5) members who are STI alumni themselves and duly elected by the Association members or the existing BOT members. They shall serve for one (1) year or until their successors have been duly elected. STIAA BOT shall exercise corporate powers and control STIAA’s property and business operations.

The STIAA BOT election has been held due to the freed positions of the former Chairman of Board, Ms. Victoria Thelma L. Luz and Treasurer, Mr. Leonardo Adaptante. STIAA received a total of five (5) nominations from different alumni of different STI campuses. The existing three (3) trustees, Engelbert L. de Guzman, Darwin P. Jaime, and Magnolia Apolonia H. Rillera voted among the nominees. As a result, the following names were voted to hold the vacant positions:

  • • Hernan S. Alar - STI College Global City
  • • Janina B. Jaime - STI College Novaliches

Furthermore, the existing trustees together with the newly elected trustees identified the officers, as follows:

  • • Darwin P. Jaime - Chairman / President
  • • Engelbert L. De Guzman - Corporate Secretary
  • • Janina B. Jayme - Treasurer
  • • Magnolia Apolonia H. Rillera - Trustee
  • • Hernan S. Alar - Trustee

To date, the STIAA BOT members will be having their first planning together in June 2014 to further improve STIAA’s services and conceptualize programs for the benefit of STIAA members.