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STIAA's Alumni Membership Card Levels Up


Alumni Membership Card is one of the benefits provided by the STI Alumni Association (STIAA) to its registered and active members which contains the basic information of its holder such as name, school, batch, ID number and validity.

In the past few months, the Alumni Relations, Placement and Linkages (APL) group has been conceptualizing the innovation to be made to the provided benefits of the STIAA to its members, particularly its alumni membership card. Due to the suggestions and comments received from schools, colleagues and even from the association members, the group came up of adding a member’s photo to make it a sort of Identification Card and presented it to the STIAA Board of Trustees (BOT). This will also add value to the card and become useful to the members especially to the recent graduates who have yet to secure valid IDs from different government agencies.

In the last STIAA BOT planning session on September 12, 2014, they have approved the proposal and will take effect this November 2014.

To date, we are still in the process of evaluating the below existing benefits and privileges of STIAA for further improvement as part of its efforts in establishing a lifelong relationship with its members:

  • • alumni membership card;
  • • accident insurance;
  • • merchant discount; and
  • • scholarship grant.

For further details, you may visit the STIAA website (