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Explore on Entry-level jobs


While it is true that most of the companies require applicants to have previous work experiences, not all companies really ask for this requirement. There are companies who are also open to accepting new graduates for office personnel posts since these kinds of jobs entail clerical and methodical functions which are best suited for those willing to get an entry-level job to acquire the basic work experience.


Some of the entry-level jobs that are generally in demand are clerks, telemarketers, receptionists, telephone operators, data encoders, call center agents and customer service representatives, promodizers, researchers, program coordinators, service crews and the likes. 

Another alternative is to present your specialized skill to an employer. But before you do this, you have to research about the company you are eyeing to apply for. Know their business very well so you could emphasize on how you can help the company or be an asset in their operation. It would also be plus points if you speak with much knowledge about the employer’s business. This would give them an impression of your keen interest to be part of their team.


There are still a lot other positions not included in the list. A first-time job-seeker needs to be extra resourceful to clinch a job. Read a lot. Attend jobs fair, seminars or even reunions as these could be good source of job leads.


The first year might be tough for you. Never give up. But, who says finding work is a breeze? Decide for yourself where you want to see yourself ten years from now. Plan your career as early as now. Stick to the plan and focus on it. If you must choose a seemingly lowly entry-level job, make sure it is analogous to your career path so that the experience you’d get from it will be so worthwhile.


And don’t just get the experience to beef up your resume. Work on it very well and treat it as a training which will help propel you up the career ladder.


Good luck on your job-hunting!