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How to keep your job


In these days of economic struggles, securing a job becomes one of the great challenges one could encounter. Just look at the unemployment rate which has ballooned to a scary 12.2%. The number of people attending jobs fair here and there is an added testimony to the increasing number of unemployed workers. So, if you have a job right now and enjoying a regular salary, be thankful! Love it, keep it!


While getting a job is just the first part of the story, keeping it for as long as you want is another challenging chapter of your career. The truth is, no one is indispensable in the workplace. Even if you occupy a managerial position in the organization, you cannot be sure that you would still have a job the following day. Anything can happen between you and the company especially in these times of financial crisis.


In other words, nothing is certain. But, you can do a lot to increase your chances of keeping your job! Take for example those employees who have been with their company for a decade or more. Or those who want to retire but have been asked to stay in their organizations for a longer period of time because the companies will be adversely affected of their absence.

How can you do the same? Here are some tips on how you can hold on to your job and get close to being indispensable:

  • Play your role and do it well consistently. Because you got accepted in the company, you will have your own role to fulfill. The first step is to know the value of your role in the company and play that role to the best of your abilities. Always exert best effort in everything you do—may that be a small job or major work that you have to accomplish. The key is consistent excellent performance. As it has been said by Aristotle, “Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.”
  • Establish a good relationship with your boss. More than anybody else, you first have to establish a good rapport with your boss. Remember that he has a big say in your job. He can either help you go up the ladder or keep you frustrated in the workplace. It is important that you show respect to him and to his authority at all times. It is a basic rule that you inform him of your whereabouts, what you are doing, developments or progress in your project. Inform him what he needs to know. Don’t keep him guessing. In other words, make him your ally! But don’t be confused between being respectful and being a bootlicking sycophant (sipsip). The former is a basic value that you have to master while the latter is going beyond the boundaries of being a good subordinate.
  • Continue to improve your craft. You have to reinvent yourself in accordance to the wave of change happening in the workplace in order to sustain your employment in the company. Strive to learn more and enhance your skills. Learn to make use of technologies available in your organization. Try to improve your own work processes to accomplish things in faster and more efficient manner.
  • Be part of the solution not part of the problem. This means that you need to show to your boss and to the company that you are a ‘great contributor’ in the overall performance of the organization. Focus on providing value-added solutions in increasing revenue, enhancing the company’s product or improving customer service.
  • Let the key people in the company know that you are doing an excellent job. Remember that your first customers are your superiors. They are your audience and you should impress them. In other words, make your presence felt. You don’t have to brag your accomplishments. Simply inform your boss of the things you have done by sending him a note or progress report. Whatever you achieved will surely be noticed.

These are just some of the key points that you can do to create a perception of indispensability. But be careful not to overdo things in a bid to keep your job. Still, the best way to keep it is to consistently perform well.


Now is the best time to prove your worth to the company. Go ahead and seize the day!