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Get tempt with temp


Are you having a difficult time clinching the job you want because you lack enough experience? Or you’re one of those young professionals still in limbo not knowing what career path to take? Why not try ‘temp jobs’ to inch closer to your career goals?


Temping, although not a popular choice among career-oriented individuals, offers a variety of opportunities to individuals seeking permanent jobs or those who want to explore in finding his ‘niche’ in the career world. There are a number of employment agencies for temp jobs that could help you in your job-hunting.


For one, working temporary gigs would allow you to do different kinds of work for varying lengths of time in different organizations. You would get a taste of various company settings and management style that will make you more flexible and adaptable to any type of work setups. Also, having a more diverse work experience could provide you valuable information to build your resume and use such experiences as a springboard in securing the job that you want. Every organization would love to have an employee who have ‘deep and wide’ experience and somebody who could be a ‘master of all trades’.


“I’ve been a temp for two years and I could really say that it helped me a lot finding my ‘spot’ in the corporate world. In my more than 20 months of going around doing different type of jobs at different organizations, I was able to explore and hit the type of job I enjoyed the most. And here I am now, enjoying every minute of the things I am doing, eight hours a day. Isn’t it great?,” says Jeena Laguerta, now a sales manager of a leading distributor of IT products.


“Temping has helped me survived financially for almost a year,” says Jamy Liason who has temped extensively to keep the paycheck coming while looking for a permanent job. “At first, I hate the idea of doing temp jobs primarily because it is not stable. I wanted a job that could immediately provide me a clear career path. But after being jobless for months, I decided to jump to temping to support me financially. And the great thing about it, that temp opportunities I had actually led me to the permanent work I have right now.”


Another point why you should consider doing temp jobs is the opportunity it provides in harnessing your ‘soft skills’ such as people-interaction and organizational skills. You could master these two important work areas as you get to rub with different personalities and do varied tasks.


“I would say that temp jobs have prepared me to ‘bigger’ works and challenges. My exposure in a number of companies doing temporary jobs have paved the way of meeting different type of workmates – from easy-to-get-along-with to most complicated personalities. And I learned how to manage and effectively deal with them. So now, I feel more comfortable and at ease working with any type of people,” narrates the 30-year old administrative officer of a marketing medical gadgets company.


Most of all, temping gives you networking opportunities. Because you work with different companies and meet with different key people like supervisors, executives, department managers or even decision makers, you have the chance to establish ‘connection’ with them. Establishing contacts with these ‘influencers’ could open doors for prospective business and career opportunities.


Good networking could do wonders for an individual. Networking offers a lot of possibilities and widens not only your sphere of contacts but your career world as well. Engaging yourself in temporary gigs could keep your networks ‘rich and healthy,’ says Mark Leena, a human resource executive.


Temping is not only a good option for professionals. It is also a good ground for students or upcoming yuppies to gain on-the-job know-how and exploring opportunities for future employment while also earning extra bucks to support educational expense. Also, temp jobs ‘enrich’ resumes of students with actual work experience, thus, giving them better chance of getting hired on their initial career try outs.


Temporary employment or temping has a lot to offer. However, one has to love ‘changes’ and challenges to enjoy this type of work set up. Who knows, temping could be the ‘faster’ way for you to hit your career goals.

Don’t afraid to take risks!