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2018 STI Senior High Alumni Scholarship Grant


Senior High Alumni Scholarship Grant

As your time in high school comes to an end, an exciting chapter awaits you in college. One filled with bigger and better opportunities for new experiences and self-discovery as you pursue your dreams. Let it inspire and motivate you in your future plans - a future that we would like to help you realize and become a reality.

As an STI Senior High School graduate, you are entitled to 10% to 50% exclusive scholarship grant in all STI campuses nationwide. Talk to your Admissions Officer for more information.

  • add_circle_outlineWho can be an STI Senior High Alumni Scholarship Grantee?
    • ► Must be an STI Senior High School graduate with good moral character
    • ► Must have no records of any remedial classes since Grade 11
    • ► No disciplinary offenses
  • add_circle_outlineWhat are the requirements for the scholarship grant?
    • ► Must enroll as a regular first year college student with full term load for the 1st Term of Academic Year 2018-2019
    • ► Must comply with the standard admission requirements for College Freshmen
  • add_circle_outlineWhat are the benefits of the scholarship grant?

    The scholarship grant is awarded to STI Senior High School (SHS) graduates who wish to pursue their higher education in any STI campus nationwide. The grant will subsidize the student's tuition fee from 10% to 50% depending on their average grade in SHS.

    Tuition Fee Subsidy Required Average Grade
    10% 75.0% - 84.9%
    30% 85.0% - 89.9%
    50% 90.0% and above

    The grant will only cover the tuition fee subsidy and does not include the following fees:

    • ► Other school fees
    • ► Miscellaneous fees
    • ► Student-related activities
    • ► Thesis fees
    • ► OJT fees
    • ► Graduation fees
    • ► Educational tours and other related activities

    In cases where a student qualifies for more than one STI scholarship (i.e. President's Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, and Dean's Honors List), he/she will be granted only one scholarship per term, whichever provides more benefits.

  • add_circle_outlineHow can a scholarship grantee retain their grant?

    The scholarship grant is renewable every term, provided that the following requirements are met:

    • ► Should be officially enrolled every term with full load as prescribed in the curriculum with no gaps in between
    • ► Must not have a grade below 2.50 in any course or term
    • ► No failed or dropped course from the previous term
    • ► No disciplinary offenses