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Rillera, 4 others elected to STIAA Board young grads get seats


Young breed of STIers entered in the management circle of five following the recently concluded election of STI Alumni Association (STIAA). The 24-year old pride of STI Balanga, Darwin Jaime, and 31-year old Frederick Ronque of Edsa Crossing got considerable number of thumbs up sign both from online and onsite voters. Together with other three elected officials these votes gave the new Board of Trustees the ticket to lead the organization.

Two-time ‘termers’ Magnolia H. Rillera (Batch 1990-STI Baguio) and Victoria Thelma L. Luz (Batch 1986 - STI EDSA Crossing) were elected Chairman and Treasurer, respectively. Marion C. Machado (Batch 1992-STI Naga) was voted Secretary while Jaime and Ronque are the two other Board Members.

The five officers shall comprise the Board of Trustees (BOT) and will serve the Association effective April 1, 2005 until the next election in March 2007.

Outgoing STIAA Chairman Raoul Espedido welcomed the entry of the ‘new and young bloods’ in STIAA saying that their leadership signals a more dynamic, unified and wider participation of the young batch of members in the future programs of the organization.

“We are glad to have received such active participation and interest from the younger batch of STIers to manage and lead the organization. Surely, they have lots of fresh ideas and projects in mind geared toward a better ‘STIAA’ in the next two years,” said Mr. Espedido.

As trustees, the officers shall jointly (1) approve all major plans of the organization, (2) serve as advisers on the various programs and services offered by the Association, (3) act as custodian of the alumni fund in collaboration with the Alumni and Career Services Office, and (4) represent the STIAA in all communications to all its constituents. STIAA Executive Director Babes Bonoan is looking forward to work in partnership with the new batch of officers in a bid to continuously provide STIers with programs that could further enrich networking and career developments among members.