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Distinguished Alumnus Awardee for service to STI , MR. BAYANI MORTE ORTEGA


This year's recipient of the prestigious award was a recipient of the Most Outstanding Student of the Year for his academic achievements during his college days. After graduation, he joined Wyeth Philippines, a multinational pharmaceutical company as a Project Assistant. After 2 years of exemplary performance, he was promoted to Maintenance Services Assistant and is tasked to giving IT support to the information needs of the whole Maintenance Services Section.

Despite his busy schedule as a professional, this man has demonstrated generous service to his alma mater. As the elected President of the local STI Alumni Association chapter, he was instrumental in raising funds for the Association in 2003. He created their own e-group to keep in touch with the members of the Association. To do his share of helping fellow alumni find jobs, he continuously gives job tips for professional growth, seminars, and announcements of job openings in his company to the e-group. Currently, it is the most active e-group among the different alumni chapters. For years, he actively supports pro-environment movements and is part of the Nature Awareness and Conservation Club and the Wyeth Adventours Nature Club. This young man indeed is an example of one who has deep concern for his fellow alumni and his environment.

A man of action, and a man of distinction. A product of STI College Calamba, our DISTINGUISHED ALUMNUS AWARDEE for SERVICE TO STI , MR. BAYANI MORTE ORTEGA.