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STI Alumni Reconnect Campaign
Our Movement for a Drug-free Environment
DepEd Rizal delivers thousands of ALS graduates

A Scholar's Venture to Robotics

His passion for robotics rooted from his desire to alter people’s perspective and prove that while technology has its drawbacks, there is no doubt that its benefits has brought and will bring further advances and improvements to make this world better.


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Career Tips

Get the Winning Edge at Work
By: Lolita Villa
Have you ever felt frustrated with your work? Did you ever see your job as a vicious cycle, an ongoing parade of deadlines and tasks, with no hope of satisfaction in sight? Unfortunately, many people think of their jobs as prison walls, and labor each day as if they were digging their way uphill.
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Motivation in the Workplace
By: Andrienne Gaerlan
Ah, motivation. That elusive muse that keeps everyone going (in)sane. Motivation is everywhere: Why do people fall in love? Why do people go to the gym? Why do we buy certain things? What is motivation anyway?
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